Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's New York!

We finally made it to the Big Apple.  Duane was in conferences and I found the town!  What a city it is and we both loved it.  I went all over Manhattan and didn't see half of it.  Also shopped in SoHo.  My friend Diane and I felt we were the minority.  I have never heard so many languages spoken.  I felt like I was in Europe.  We definitely will be making a trip back.  I didn't get to walk in Central Park.  Here are some pics to show our travels.

 Times Square

 The National Debt
 The Chrysler building
 The New York Public Library
 Grand Central Station

 Rockefeller Center

 Empire State building (top) at night
 Times Square at night

9/11 Memorial

Wall Street Protesters

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