Friday, June 10, 2011

We made it to the beach!!!

While we were in Florida for the wedding, the family took advantage of seeing the ocean.  We were there on the night of the wedding so we had around 30 minutes to enjoy it.  We made good use of our time.  We were saddened that Jordan wasn't with us, but he was with his new bride.  I just don't get that he didn't want to be with his parents and sibs.  sigh,,, However, we made do without him.

Gee who is she talking too?  Jeremy perhaps?

Justin missing his baby girl.

The wedding of 2011

June 4, 2010, 2:00pm, Jacksonville, Florida

Jordan and Melissa said their vows before friends and family.  Jordan's Dad, Duane and Melissa's Brother, Jared officiated their wedding as their Mom's, Deana and Candy, Dad of Melissa, Mike gave them away.

The rehearsal was followed by a family and friend barbecue.  Eating and Dancing was done by most of us.  Eating that is.  Dancing not too much.  Most of us watched.  We were smart.  Those of us who watched.  The young ones did the dancing...

They are now on their honeymoon, without us to the Western Caribbean.  I don't have pictures of that of course.  We were not allowed to attend or even communicate.  I can't imagine why.  Smart of them I guess.

Enjoy the pictures as they are self explanatory.


The key to Melissa's heart

The Robot


The romantic letter to her groom

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Floro