Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mother's 80th birthday party early!

This is the proud Henson family with the absence of a few being Justin, Melodie, Anastacia, Melissa, Jordan, LouAnn, Kevin, and Lindsey. We love you Mother and Grandmother. You have given us not only the gift of life but an incredible godly example of how to live our lives. May we pass this legacy down from generation to generation and may the Lord be praised. Happy birthday. We all love you!

The 4 children. Gayle, Terry, David, and Deana.

The Floro family

The Hamilton family
The Henson family

We celebrated at the Homeplace

Doesn't she look excited?

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Opening up her birthday card.
This is the look that we have all come to "love". A look of disapproval? Could it be that she didn't like the card or the contents there of? (Yes, Sarah I know this is a dangling participle. However, it is needed in this case.) Only those of us that were present will know that answer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Terry's 60th birthday party

Terry is the oldest child of the Henson family and turned 60 this past December. We all attempted to travel to Virginia to have this party before Christmas, but Roanoke was hit with a huge snow storm and we were all unable to get in. So, we thought March was a good time. Terry is a CPA who is now retired. He has been our rock throughout our years and we love him very much.

The gathering of the Henson family.

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The boys watching nothing less than the Virginia Tech basketball game.

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Virginia trip, March 2010

The home I grew up in.

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Spring Break for Lauren and Jordan

Lauren and her college friends in downtown Greenville SC

silly girls looking at engagement rings and dreaming

patient father just waiting

Lauren contemplating...

Jordan traveled to Mexico for a mission's trip.