Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Henson's came to visit

After much encouragement, The Henson's have come to visit. Now this is not to discourage the rest of the family to come see us. We would love for everyone to come but this is a good start. Duane got the game, Ticket to Ride from Justin and Melodie for Christmas. We've not been able to play because we needed someone to play with. So, we taught the game to David and Joyce and of course I was the winner 3 times! Well, Duane saw on the rules that there was an internet version and the laptops came out. Duane, David, Jordan, and his friend, Micah all played. Of course they wanted to be high tech and not use the "real" board game.

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Westerville Home

Duane and I put an offer on this home in Westerville on Thursday and we showed it to my family. This is all the downstairs except for the basement. It's in a Short sale so it will be a while before the bank possibly counters or accepts.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Track 09, Lauren broke the school record

This is Lauren's last year at track. Her Sophomore year, she broke the school record in shot put. This is her first track meet of the year and on her 2nd throw, she broke her own record. It was amazing and now all she has to do is throw further. :) She also runs the 100 and 200 yard dash in which she came 2nd and 3rd. She's off to a great start. She's been in track all 4 years.

Here she is clowning around with the shot put. It's a pretty heavy ball, I think around 8 pounds. Try throwing 8 pounds.

This is an amazing picture, because this is her coach, Coach Weidner. He happened to be one of Jordan's football coaches. I told him he was going to be on our webpage so Jordan could see him. All 4 years, Lauren's coaches have also been Jordan's football coaches.

This is the school record that is posted in the Commons of the school. You can actually see her name and record.
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This is the actual throw that she beat her own record. You want to know how far she threw? 31feet and 9 1/2 inches. Her earlier record was 31-2 3/4 inches. She didn't really try to break it last year, but being her senior year...

Before the release. See that determination?

This is our 3rd daughter, Kayla to hear her talk. She calls us Mom and Dad. She's in classes with Lauren and has become dear to us. There's nothing like the track girls!

These are girls that are in Young Life with she and Jen. Jen is the one in the black jacket and blue shirt. She and Lauren are both seniors and have become great friends since 8th grade. The girl holding the umbrella is an OSU student who is a leader at Young Life. She comes to games and meets to support Lauren and others. The others are Sophomores in whom Lauren and Jen are leading together in a young life group together. They meet at 6:00 am at a local restaurant on Friday mornings. They do the same thing on Thursdays with their own group. I never wanted to get up at 5:30 while in high school. They have had an incredible ministry to these girls.
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