Sunday, November 21, 2010

Victory Bowl

Jordan's college team was in a bowl game called the Victory Bowl.  It consisted of the 2 best Christian colleges of the season and was played at the top team's home field.  That field was the home field of North Greenfield University.  Jordan's college.  What a wonderful way to end your college football career.  We were all a little sad I think to see it all end but so excited.  At the end of the game, I looked at his Dad and said how blessed we were.  Jordan never was seriously hurt throughout his career.  I was afraid to say that until the game was over.  When he recieves his bowl ring, I will show that picture as well.  

The entire team.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We have a birthday boy in the house...

Looking good...

Does he love birds?

Papau with his baby.

Happy Birthday!  We all love you and know this is going to be an incredible year for you.  You make us all proud.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Justin's Birthday!!!

Justin is our oldest. He is a guy who has an incredible heart. Not only for his family but for others. This weekend, he's at a youth retreat in which he spent time with them last year during his birthday. He happens to be "the brain" of the family. However, you never hear him say how much smarter he is than others. He is a mechanical engineer and works for a great company in Peoria IL by the name of Caterpillar. We just wished he lived closer to us.

I think most important to him is that he is a husband and father. As you can see from this picture he has a joy about him especially when he is with his daughter. We are so proud of him of who and what he is becoming.

Happy Birthday son!