Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to Greenville SC

We traveled to Greenville for Jordan's spring football game. While we were waiting for them to be free, Duane and I went to a couple of bridges that were near the school. The first was Poisett Bridge. This bridge was built in the the 1800's and the 2nd early 1900's.

We went and saw Jordan in his dorm room along with roommate Brian.
Then off again while Jordan was at practice. Duane saw this outhouse and stopped for me to make a picture. He liked it because it had a side waiting room.
We went to the second bridge which was a covered bridge. Lauren and her friend Becky went and made their debut pics.

Supposedly this bridge is "haunted". Don't know why, probably Jordan making it up. Anyway, Lauren and Becky were with their boyfriends at their side. You just can't see them. Maybe because neither has one?
That evening, we went to downtown Greenville. Such a beautiful South Carolina town.
Looks like Christmas in the Spring.
Time for Spring football game. Jordan is #79.
Brianna is Jordan's roommate's sister. She is one of triplets and said Jordan is the only football player she knows, so she chose his number for her face.
Coming to the game from Florida is Jordan's girlfriend, Melissa, (you read it right) and her parents. This is her Mom Candy.
Liberty is with her Grandma. Melissa has a brother Jared and he brought the oldest of his children to see Jordan.
Jordan and Melissa
Jordan and roommate Brian. His comment was "you are sweaty.!" He's not in the habit of hugging Jordan I don't think.
Melissa's family including Dad Mike, Mom Candy, and brother Jared with daughter Liberty.