Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our trip to Longaberger

Saturday, we took Justin and Melodie to The Longaberger Homestead. Just about everyone has a Longaberger basket. This is where it originated just outside of Newark OH and where they still make the baskets. Duane read that the baskets started being made because of the pottery that was made in Ohio and were made to carry them. It started over 75 years ago. Well, the pottery has since left Ohio and baskets are still being made. The economy has hit Longaberger like every other direct selling company. They have laid off quite a lot of basket weavers. Look below and you will see some of the factory stalls. I bet there are over 1000 cubicles where they make their baskets. They were out on Thanksgiving break but there was a basket weaver there showing how they make baskets. He was nice enough to smile for me.

This is the Adminstration building of Longaberger. It is unbelievable when you are driving down the road and come upon this.
Huge Apple Basket

Our basket weaver. It was fun watching him. These are the stalls in which they work.

Our Christmas lights

Our Christmas cat, Willie
Justin had his roomate from college stop by and his wife. Cory, Katie, Justin and Melodie. They are all avid board gamers.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today we traveled to Florence KY where Mel lives to be with her on Thanksgiving. Because she works at the airport and people still fly on holidays, she had to work. So, on the road again we went. Some of us slept after they ate as you will see, and others played games. We were fortunate to have Melody and Justin with us along with a friend of Jordan's by the name of Scott. Justin and Melodie brought a new game called Ticket to Ride home dealing with connecting trains. Very addictive. Click on the highlight and it will take you to the website. Then click on Our Games at the top. As you can see from below by the concentrations on our faces. Unfortuantely, I have lost every game. I went to bed the first night staying awake trying to strategize. It didn't do a thing for me. I still lost. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well. We truly have a lot to be thankful for. Eating our Thanksgiving meal.

Melissa and Lauren were the first out.

Jordan thought it was funny taking pictures of everyone so we got him.
The highlight of the weekend playing TICKET TO RIDE. We started it at our house before Thanksgiving and played again and again at Melissa's.
It that a frustration look? Just because he was losing. Some people have a hard time losing!
Justin is very serious with his games.
Not a lot of trust here. I think she was mad at her husband. He kept blocking her plays. I see her getting even in the future.
The big winner. He won 2 in a row. I think he cheats!
The concentration didn't help me one bit!
This is Scott. Quickly he is becoming another member of the family. The more the merrier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's the Dr.'s birthday

In San Francisco during the weekend of his graduation last May.

It was definitely a big year for Duane this year. He FINALLY finished his doctorate. So now, he is officially Dr. Duane A. Floro. Lauren calls him Dr. Pepper after his gray hair. Now he is a year older. How old do you ask? Well, I'm not telling but he is 3 years older than me right now and I am half a century old! He does have something to be proud of. Not only has he set the bar high for his kids as far as education wise, but have set a great example of being a Godly father and husband. We are all quite proud of him and love him very much.

Anyone that knows Duane knows that he has a passion for cars. On his screen saver, he has over 3000 cars on there. So when he is bored, he just looks at his cars. It does save us quite a lot of money that way of course by not having to buy a car every year. He also has quite a sense of humor and you will see that in some of his pics down below. So you see where the kids got their whit. I just sit back and watch them all go.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.

I love this picture. He was looking over the Bay in San Francisco and contemplating what was ahead.

A young whipper snapper. This was either Jordan or Lauren. I recognized that room. Not for just delivering there but me delivering many babies there myself.
His great love of football. He is on the chain gang with his buddies at the high school. They still do this even though their 3 boys graduated 2 years ago.

Father and Mom with their football son.

Having fun with the Hokie at Ryan and Lindsey's wedding. Ryan will love this one.

Who is that masked man? Can you see the resemblance? He is with his boss by the way on his birthdayHe is a lover of those Colts.

Supporting his wife at a Mary Kay convention. That's true love!

With his girls at one of the great things he likes to go to. Car shows!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Justin is 25!

Today Justin turns 25. He was born in Roanoke, Virginia. We were in Roanoke because his Dad had just graduated from Seminary and we were waiting in my hometown for that first church. It was nice being there, because he was surrounded by my whole family which was very special to me. He sure took his time coming. Not only was he 2 weeks past his due date but I labored all night for him and finally had him around 7:25am. His Dad barely made the delivery because the night nurse sent him home to sleep. I'm glad someone was able to sleep that night! After Justin was born, he actually rolled over in the warmer. The doctor couldn't believe it. He was quite strong even then.

Justin finished High School in Tulsa and then we moved to Columbus Ohio where his Dad took a new job. He decided right from the start that he wanted to go to Purdue to be an Engineer. That was something because he never waivered in what he wanted to do. I remember his Dad telling him how proud he was of him because Justin knew what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go so early. He knew from the beginning where God wanted him. He had 4 great years at Purdue. He then decided after graduation, he wasn't finished yet. He decided to seek his Masters in Engineering. During his college years, I often asked him if he had heard from one of his friends in Tulsa OK by the name of Melodie Dunbar. He said off and on that they had e-mailed each other. Well, I got this bright idea and sent Justin's graduation picture of he and the family to Melodie's Mom. You never know where this might lead. I nonchantly asked her what Melodie was doing and if she was dating anyone. Unbenowndst to me, she forwarded that picture of Justin and family to her in Russia where she was doing a Semester there for her Russian degree. Yes, she speaks Russian. Well, that seems to be all it took. They started communicating and the rest is history. Of course her Mom and I have said that we were the matchmakers. If you scroll down to an earlier blog, you can see some of their wedding pictures.

Justin now is a Mechanical Enginner in Peoria IL for Catepillar. I call them the big "Tonka" trucks, but of course they are called CAT. I see them all the time around town here.

We are so proud of him. He and Melodie are doing well and adjusting to married life. It's already been a year married for them.

We love you Justin and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Birthday number 1

Justin and his Grandpa

The Three Amigos when they were young and now all grown up.
Cousins Christopher and Ryan with Justin.
His first day to school. I homeschooled him Kindergarten and 1st grade. That is why he is so smart!
He ran track in middle school at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis IN

Serious brothers!
Justin and his Dad traveled to Juno Alaska for a mission's trip after graduating from Purdue.

Loving on his Mom. I'm lovin' it!
Graduation from Purdue with his Bachelor's. Don't they all look great? The Engagement. Melodie's Mom along with Melissa and I got to pick out the band for her ring. Justin of course picked out the stone.