Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary 32 years and counting.

December 29, 1979

We celebrated this year going to Ruth's Chris for dinner.  A wonderful dining experience.  We must do it again!

Christmas 2011

This was a very different Christmas this year.  We had 1 of our 4 kids home this year.  Justin and Melodie stayed in Peoria because they didn't want to travel with 2 kids.  Melissa and Jeremy were in Tucson.  For some reason, they thought it was a little costly and short of time to make it back. Lastly, Lauren decided to go to China.  Enough said on that one.  She has had an incredible time.  Best of all, we were able to skype all of them so we felt we did get to be with them.

We were blessed to have Melissa's parents, Candy and Mike Pankhurst join us for Christmas this year.  It was a surprise for Melissa even though she figured it out.

 Willie, the Christmas cat.

 Christmas p.j.'s

 A trip to the NFL museum Hall of Fame.  The girls went shopping!

Ticket to Ride.  Thanks Justin.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meeting Weston and Happy Birthday Justin

Of course we were thrilled to see Anastacia.
Melodie, birthday boy Justin, and Anastacia

Here's Weston!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's New York!

We finally made it to the Big Apple.  Duane was in conferences and I found the town!  What a city it is and we both loved it.  I went all over Manhattan and didn't see half of it.  Also shopped in SoHo.  My friend Diane and I felt we were the minority.  I have never heard so many languages spoken.  I felt like I was in Europe.  We definitely will be making a trip back.  I didn't get to walk in Central Park.  Here are some pics to show our travels.

 Times Square

 The National Debt
 The Chrysler building
 The New York Public Library
 Grand Central Station

 Rockefeller Center

 Empire State building (top) at night
 Times Square at night

9/11 Memorial

Wall Street Protesters